Episode 31 | Cannabis Talk and Mushroom Walks with the Women of Gossamer

What does it actually mean to be "high" and how do we get to that sought after place? Bridget breaks it down with Verena von Pfetten and Dr. Alex Capano, the women behind Gossamer’s line up of fabulous cannabinoid products. From Dawn to Dusk they’ve got you covered and their insights are sure to delight.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance regarding your specific medical condition.

Gossamer Magazine
Ananda Professional
Verena von Pfetten
Dr. Alex Capano
Gossamer Co-Founder David Weiner
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Claire Mazur
Rose Los Angeles
Sonoma Hills Farm
Aaron Keefer

Show Notes: 

0:00 Lift off 
2:01 What does it actually mean to be "high"? 
5:18 Verena's background and the creation of Gossamer
11:00 Verena & Alex meet through Claire Mazur
13:08 Alex's background in comprehensive cannabinoid science
17:00 Dusk - Why the first product addressed sleep issues
19:03 CBD, CBN & THC - the sleep trio
23:14 Native ratios vs. formulated ratios
24:57 300mg vs 3000mg
28:04 The entourage effect
29:17 Finding your minimum effective dose
30:15 Gossamer's less is more approach
32:52 Knowing where to start with CBD
34:07 Consistency matters
40:33 The Dawn formula - energy for your day
42:02 Introduction to THCV
47:13 What to expect with sublingual oils
50:23 Happy Hour Pre-rolls - sungrown CBG flower
55:35 Smoking herbs as a ritual
58:41 Mushroom walks - Verena's favorite selfcare routine
1:01 Alex's selfcare routine - pilates for strength and mobility
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