Episode 25 | A New Blue Dream for Project CBD with Martin Lee

Project CBD has a brand new website thanks to a partnership with Blue Dream, the in-house creative agency at Ganjapreneur. Martin shares Project CBD's activist roots and  discusses their current topics of interest.

Show Notes:
0:00 Lift off
1:20 Last episode in Season 2
2:05 Martin Lee's Bio
5:00 High Fidelity gratitude for Project CBD
6:00 Inspiration at ICRS
7:00 CBD shows up in lab results in CA
8:00 Project CBD introduces CBD clones into medical cannabis market in CA
10:47 CBD genetics in Colorado
14:00 Vermont medical community's acceptance of CBD
16:00 Project CBD is the "software" to the CBD clone "hardware"
18:00 Blue Dream + Project CBD
20:40 CBD and psychedelics
22:00 Social dimensions of healing
23:00 Regenerative agriculture
26:00 Hemp-derived/synthetic cannabinoids
29:00 Type 2 cultivars
32:00 Efficacy of different types of concentrates
34:00 Cannabis and AI
37:56 Martin's perspective on "craft cannabis"
41:25 Interstate cannabis commerce

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