Episode 30 | Revisiting Rebel Grown, a Conversation with Dan Pomerantz

We are super busy preparing to open our retail store, so this week we are taking a little break and re-introducing you to Dan Pomerantz of Rebel Grown. Dan was our first guest on the show in Season 1 and our conversation continues to be one of our most downloaded episodes. We caught up with him recently to learn how things are going as he heads into his second outdoor harvest here in Vermont and where things stand with his social equity application. We’ll also give a sneak peek into our new retail experience coming soon to downtown Burlington.

Rebel Grown
Brio Coffeeworks
High Times
Rebel Grown feature in Grow Magazine
The Winter Breeding Project in Skunk Magazine
Vermont Cannabis Control Board social equity definitions
Jorge Cervantes
California Proposition 215
California Proposition 64

Show Notes: 
0:00 Lift off
1:33 Our retail store update
3:00 We're hiring! 
3:46 Dan's media and advocacy cred
5:43 Update on Rebel's upcoming harvest and Dan's social equity status
11:29 Intro to Episode 7 revisted
12:57 "Legacy" defined
14:29 An early relationship to cannabis
17:41 Dan's first trip to Vermont
21:36 Dan moves to Humboldt County
24:21 The origins of the Emerald Triangle
29:00 The birth of Rebel Grown
35:05 The draw back to Vermont
38:11 Rebel Grown's Tier Five license in Vermont
40:38 Dan's take on the application process in Vermont
43:05 Dan denied social equity status in Vermont
46:32 Rebel Grown's first offerings in Vermont
48:56 Dan's love for sharing genetics
51:06 Dan's vision for Rebel Grown as a lifestyle brand
55:48 Cannabis as the "connector"
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