Episode 34 | Saturate Yourself! The Plant Medicine Protocol with William Siff of Goldthread Plant Based Tonics

The Plant Medicine Protocol is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to integrating medicinal plants into your daily life. The key is Saturation + Consistency + Variety. Listen in as author, clinical herbalist, ethnobotanist and licensed acupuncturist William Siff explains how to unlock the power of plants to create optimal health and longevity.

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0:00 Lift off
3:26 Get the Plant Medicine Protocal at 20% off
6:04 William's early obsession with medicinal plants
11:37 William's formal studies in medical anthropology and ethnobotany
12:59 Asian systems of medicine as effective frameworks for delivering plants into people
14:55 Goldthread Herbal Apothecary
17:10 The herbal apothecary as community public health institution
20:21 The Farm to Pharmacy Internship
25:50 The health care pyramid
33:39 Our connection to nature informs our health
35:16 Unrealistic expectations of what natural medicine can do
39:06 Bridget's personal story with Lyme disease
43:31 The Plant Medicine Protocol
47:47 The drug model does not fit the plant medicine model
48:29 Plant saturation of our vital systems
53:48 Consuming plants as a way to get to know yourself
1:00:34 Minestrone soup! William's selfcare routine
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